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Customised branding

Your videos, your branding. The Life Inside platform is customized to match your brand, making it a fully integrated brand experience for your audiences.

Let your employees tell your brand's story.

Increase time on site, conversions and brand experience. Easily manage video creation and share employee videos right on your website, career site, job ads and social media – all while you give your audiences the authentic look inside your company.


Employee storytelling. Reinvented.

The Life Inside AB

Kungsgatan 42, Gothenburg, Sweden

Munkbron 1, Stockholm, Sweden


The Life Inside AB


Munkbron 1, Stockholm, Sweden

Kungsgatan 42, Gothenburg, Sweden

© 2021 Life Inside. All rights reserved.


Publish on website and social media.

With integrations directly to your ATS or CMS, Life Inside integrates smoothly with your website, career site and job ads. In addition, you can choose to publish your content in your social media channels to create additional engagement. 

Review, approve and publish

Employees record their personal mobile video replies and upload them to Life Inside for approval. When you're happy with a video, take it live.

Log into the platform and effortlessly send out video requests to your employees together with questions about life inside your company. 

Send video requests to your employees

The platform automatically makes sure the most relevant videos are shown to the most relevant candidates to create engagement.

Videos are shown on your website, career site and job ads


Unlimited video library

Grow your platform with unlimited employee-generated videos and let candidates browse to find answers to the questions and topics that interest them most about your company.

Integrate on any site

Add your employee-generated videos to any website, career site or job ads and watch engagement and conversion rise.

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"Life Inside is an amazing product that builds the employer brand in a very personal, professional and innovative way. It allows candidates to get to know us and creates value every minute it's live our career site!"

Louise Bichler, Head of Recruitment & Employer Branding

Gothenburg & Shanghai

Louise Bichler, Head of Recruitment & Employer Branding

2 Portman St, London W1H 6DU, GB

2 Portman St, London W1H 6DU, Storbritannien

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Developed out of employer branding company Oddwork, we're a dedicated team that believes in the power of authenticity and human connection to create the next generation candidate experience. With Life Inside we've made it our mission to help our partners and their employees to authentically communicate their cultures, opportunities and employer brands in the best possible way.  

Born from a passion for employer branding

Create and share employee-generated 
videos right on your career site, job ads and social media - and watch the results. 

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